What is Silent Disco?

Silent Disco SA gives you the option of having a party anywhere without having to worry about the noise or volume level.

Equipment Used

An extraordinary sound experience with our 3 Channel LED Headphones with volume control and over ear comfort. For Party's, Conferences, Outside Events, Silent Movies, Dance, you decide. We have the Best in class equipment tried and tested from our UK company.

Whether its 40 or 400 people, our system can accommodate, with 3 channels, 10 hour battery life, multi-coloured wireless headphones, and awesome sound clarity. This unique system and visually stimulating experience will leave your guests talking about it for months to come.

Multilingual Presentations

On a more serious note, if you wanted to host an international corporate conference / corporate entertainment event and had delegates that don’t all speak the same language, with our headphones you could have up to 3 of the minority languages hooked up to a translator on each channel in their mother tongue so they can also enjoy the presentations along with the native language speakers, so you would have the capability to cater for 4 languages in total. I’d say that shows good initiative and organisational skills! Of course, it wouldn’t technically be a Disco, but you could always reuse the equipment later that night and do exactly that! The corporate entertainment uses are almost endless.

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